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HiP to be Green [more info]

HiP sniffing enviro paints at the Going Green Expo 2008
HiP showin his style.


HiP ups the fashion stakes with 'cruelty-free' crocodile skin platform shoes!

Getting a feel for the latest water tank technology.


Signing eco-autographs for fans!

Informing the masses of the latest news..


HiP loves to spread the 'good green news'.

Favourite position - horizontal tango with nature!



T10 Climate Change Comedy [more info]



Dr Funk [more info]

GPRA Conference - Great Hall, Parliament House Canberra - March 2008
GPRA Conference - Theatrette, Parliament House Canberra - 2008


With Senator Bob Brown and guitarist 'The Si'

Outside Parliament House mingling with the delegates.


Laughter in the Workplace [more info]



'Sound of Music' parody [more info]