Team-building fun!

Guru Dudu from 'Happy Yoga' leads the way with these hilarious workshops that can be tailored to include 'in-jokes' from your workplace. The audience is led into simple stretches that involve a ‘twist’ or two that help the laughter meridians to flow!

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A taste of the experience - from the Melbourne Comedy Festival Show:

The workshops are designed to be accessible to your audience, fun, interactive and educational. They may include elements of:

stand-up character comedy
simple stretches
partner exercises
group activites


musical interludes
fun theatre impro games
role-playing/story telling games
movement improvisation

N.B. This is a unique workshop distinct from the "Laughter Yoga" movement.


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David is always sensing the audience and has a wonderful gift of being able to improvise in the moment to ensure the audience is always coming with him.
- John Wood, VCAT

Laughter workshops enhance wellbeing by:

reconnecting with our creativity by getting us out of our heads and into our bodies
encouraging laughter and it's therapeutic benefits
offering a circuit breaker to relieve stress and negative thinking
building team spirit by breaking down social barriers
dropping our resistance by allowing our 'inner dag' to be free

LAUGHTER IN THE WORKPLACE workshops can be tailored to include references relating to your industry/sector. Workshop duration is 20-60 mins to suit your needs.

"I've enjoyed working with David, he is an insightful facilitator who is able to quickly engage and energise a group with irreverent humour and play. His Happy Yoga sessions add a valuable dimension to our leadership programs and integrate leadership concepts in unexpected ways."
-Diana Renner, Social Leadership Australia

"Happiness and it's Causes" - Brisbane 2011

Happy Yoga opened up our group allowing them to free themselves, have fun and joke around - a nice contrast to being too rigid and business like.
- Igor Posenjak, Melbourne Water.

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