David Naylor is an ‘out-of-the-box’ conference entertainer, social commentator and facilitator who can bring life to your next event with his unique blend of humour, warmth and creativity. He is a versatile and intelligent comedian who is passionate about engaging us on all levels – head, heart and body!

His humour is often a parody of the nuances of being human and our attempts to appear sophisticated. His characters are usually self-deprecating and very likeable. He also collaborates with other performers and musicians as required.


A clip of David performing as Dr Funk at the 2008 conference 'Breathing New Life into General
Practice' at Parliament House, Canberra. The singer/guitarist is Simon Oats.




YOGA meets DISCO in this hilarious interactive comedy show that was developed for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Click here for more info >



Check out David's characters who can be used for:
Workplace events
Stand-up comedy
Special events – fashion parades, talent nights, trivia nights, fundraisers
Roving at festivals, expos
He also has a network of other performers to collaborate with as required.



David is highly creative and a truly ‘Wild Card’ in the pack! . . .his brilliant ideas are constantly coming to the surface and he hides them all in a simple package. A creative genius. . .We can laugh at our own foibles and not feel offended.
.................................................- Eugenie Knox, Dance of Life Yoga



A clip from the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival


"David not only has terrific work ethic and organisational skills but was instrumental in the success of our major event for the year, assisting us in making the goals of the event a possibility."
................. - Joe-Anthony Rotella, Chair, General Practice Student Network


Check out the following examples of David's past Conference Entertainment work:

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David also facilitates fun, creative community events such as Comedy Tents at Festivals, Variety nights, Comedy Cabarets, Costume Fashion Parades, Cosmic Speed Dating and DIY Silent Discos.

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Want to bring some fresh life to your workteam or community?

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