Getting everyone on the same page!

David is an experienced facilitator in the following:

Strategy Planning
Visioning Sessions
Executive Retreats
'Off-site' days
Stakeholder Meetings
Creative Brainstorming
Open space dialogue - World Cafe, etc




David brings a warm rapport and sharp mind to his facilitation work. He always keeps an antenna open for group dynamics that may be getting in the way of keeping things moving along.

He is trained with the Groupwork Institute of Australia whose focus is on deep listening, collaboration and encouraged participation of all.

I really appreciate David’s insight. He has a great capacity and willingness to really listen and challenge in an unthreatening way. He brings a profound understanding of community development and passes on new ideas. David is not to be sneezed at.
- Holly Huon, Australian Feldenkrais Guild


Bringing the tangibles and the intangibles together

David is a creative and strategic thinker who supports projects requiring an integrative mindset and diverse stakeholder input.

As a facilitator he helps you to move from where your are at now into a clear, creative thinking environment to help you create a values-based strategy/action plan.

Key principles of his process includes:

working with the wisdom that is already within the group

clarifying agreement on underlying assumptions that define meaning

creating an environment for 'thinking out of the box'

connecting back to the original inspiration/vision

developing strategies that have ownership of the group responsible for implementing them


David believes that good strategy comes from understanding the relationship between the tangibles and the intangibles, and what makes them tick. This is the work of integrating the head and the heart to achieve unique and creative outcomes.

Much of his recent work has been in the areas of Sustainability, Placemaking and the not-for-profit sector. [See clients here]








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