Team Building Fun

Working with culture change can be tricky business.

Humour and play help to break down barriers and open people's minds to new opportunities.

David combines play, theatre-impro tools and facilitated groupwork to help build rapport and create a safe ambience for a deeper understanding into what is really going on in our work teams.

.David's toolkit includes:

Theatre improvisation games
Movement Improvisation
Groupwork facilitation
Role play
Creative Arts
Deep Ecology processes
Experiential Leadership games

This work can compliment an existing program or stand-alone as a learnign tool. David co-creates a design framework with you, based on your needs.


Key Principles

Enabling the group to have ownership of its own direction

Appreciative enquiry: working with what is already working well

Keeping it simple, real and accessible to all

Seeking outcomes that are practical and actionable

Respecting the existing cultural norms of the group

Having fun!


Planning a TEAM DAY soon?

Get your team out of the city, clear the head and see things from a new angle. David can design a program to include:

fun team building

visioning & strategy planning
any group process needs that arise

..keeping it light, productive and meaningful!



  Team Days & Retreats 

Does your team need a break from the city, and yet need to keep on working?
David facilitates 1-3 day retreats that offer a balance of relaxation, rejuvenation and work.

A typical program can include:
- morning exercise
- ‘check-in’

- facilitated working sessions, visioning, strategy planning, etc
- mindfulness activities in nature
- local tour/activity
- great food
- evening entertainment - variety night, film, etc



  Deep Leadership

This workshop explores the personal skills necessary to build a foundation for strong leadership.
• self awareness
• presence
• deep listening

Plus the interpersonal Skills of
• authentic communication
• working with difficult people

We examine issues and opportunities particular to the participants and create action plans for moving forward.



  Customised training

David can customise interactive training workshops that incorporate a degree of lightness and play to help increase engagement levels while delivering on learning needs.



  Team Building

Team-building activities are a great circuit-breaker and opportunity to see things from a new perspective, while having fun as a group.

David creates a strcuture and then improvises as required to meet the needs of the team on the day.

See also: Laughter in the Workplace workshops



  'Getting Real' check-ins

These are facilitated spaces where people are invited to speak to the often unspoken dynamics that they perceive to be getting in the way of a higher functioning work team. David provides a space where participants determine the safe boundaries to ensure respect, honesty and confidentiality. The aim is to air issues, listen deeply and respond authentically. This is typically a short series of fortnightly/monthly sessions as required.



  Participatory Variety nights

Remember the school camp concert?
.. or prefer not to?

Well we're grown up now and it's turned into a fun talk show/cabaret with crowd-sourced entertainment. David works with you beforehand to help your groups to prepare a skit of theatre, story-telling or comedy. He then MC's a fun night that will become folklore for your team. Ideal for the end of a retreat or conference.


Intended outcomes of this work

More empowered and engaged team members = increased presenteeism and reduced turnover

Creativity & Innovation
Enhanced creative capacity by empowering each individual's unique voice within the group.

Conflict transformation
Transforming conflict situations into opportunities for learning and team building.

Behaviour Change
Assisting the group to develop strategies to encourage behaviours that support the vision.

Decision making
Building a culture of decision-making that draws on a richer spectrum of thinking.

Creating a dynamic leadership culture of empowered team members supporting the greater good of the organisation.

Building resilience and adaptability through creating workable ongoing group processes for reflection, feedback and continuous improvement.

Encouraging a values-based approach that encompasses a wider context for decision-making, including environmental and social responsibility.

Understanding the sources of personal and team inspiration that keep the broader vision alive.


Not sure what you need exactly?

Call David now to for a chat and start to co-design a process to suit your needs.

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