New mindset for a changing world

Keeping abreast of a fast changing world requires adaptive minds who can think creatively, strategically and ethically. This is no mean feat.

David draws on a number of influences to create workshops and coaching that help your teams to develop tools that include:

creative thinking techniques
processes for collaboration and co-creation
mindfulness exercises
crowd-sourcing from unlikely stakeholders
awareness of different thinking modes

Outcomes of this work include:
better access to intuitive creativity
reduced negativity and cynicism
radical common sense in decision making
improved presence and concentration
integrative thinking: head plus heart
stakeholder ownership

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This work draws on:
Creative Arts
Theatre improvisation and clowning
Buddhist mindfulness and meditation practices
Various progressive thinking models including Positive Psychology

These workshops are fun, playful and stimulating. They aim to inspire new ways of seeing old problems through bringing awareness to the way that we think about challenges and opportuities. The focus is on providing simple tools and experiences that can be applied in our daily work.


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